Architects & Surveyors 

While proposing plans to your clients you can use our estimator services to provide an independent estimate cost of the project with a full break down showing how we calculated our estimate. 

Land & Development Appraisals 

If you are planning to develop a plot or a larger development let us take the reins, we cost your project whatever size it is. We have a broad knowledge of construction costs and all the hidden and unidentified costs that sometimes get missed. 
We will provide a detailed appraisal based on the information provided to give you an accurate report on the costs and feasibility of the site or project. 

Outline & Detailed Project Costings 

If you are planning to carry out a project but just need a little help with the numbers we provide outline and detailed packages to suit your budget. If you need an outline report where costs prohibit or a design is not defined we work out your requirements from the project and work a budget for you. 
Should you want to commit to a project we can then breakdown the budget to a detailed summary of all costs. This can be used for many purposes once the project commences and it will form one of the many important documents of a project. 

Specification Compilation & BQ Preparation 

We provide specification compilation from drawings or building regulation information, we can work to the national building specification or a custom made for your project. We extract the information from the drawings in order to understand the project in specific depth in each section of works 
Once a specification is present and along with the drawings and other project information we are able to compile fully measured or un measured bills of quantities. 
We use Microsoft excel based estimating and measuring programmes to provide SMM7 based bills. 
We extract information and measurements from the drawings and specification to compile the bills of quantities, once all of these documents are complete you will be ready to tender your project. 

Tender & Procurement 

Once you have all your designs in place and the number stack up its times to get the wheels in motion. We take your tender documents and select the best potential suppliers for a project. We send the tender to the select suppliers for them to put the best price together for a project. Once the tenders have been received we evaluate and compare all tenders to ensure everything has been allowed for and to make sure they have all allowed the same work items. Lowest price very rarely means best price, let us take control of your project and make sure its let at the right price and the right supplier. 

Quantity Surveying & Project Management 

Once a project commences we can work on your behalf throughout the contract, we take control of the finances so you know what is going on from day one. More often than not a project will differ from what was planned, we identify the variations in a project and make sure the budget takes them into account. 
We ensure you and your client know where the finances are going on a project, we can assist in stage claims & additional works and we generally deal with the whole financial are of the project. We can provide schedules projecting final costs along with detailed cashflow forecasts in order for you to plan your finances from the start to the finish. 
If you have any questions or enquiries about our services don't hesitate to contact us on either of the below numbers; 
Tel: 01237 721479 
Mob: 07584 126055 
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